Obtaining the right values, skills and knowledge

Support for nominated individuals and registered managers

Partnership Working

Our Experience

CQC Consulting Services has over 25 years of experience in the care sector. We understand that starting a new business is an amazing adventure but not one without an element of risk. We know this because we have done it, from scratch and have the successes and failures to prove it.

Let us use our experience to get you and your business off to the best start possible, or to help you improve your existing business. We can’t guarantee the number of sleepless nights you’ll save, but we can ensure that we can take the burden of the load.

We also understand that it can take a long time from beginning to think about starting a business to actually being ready to start or that once established you will not always need us. Again, you can come and go as you please, our aim is to have a long-standing relationship with you, we can be there when you need us.

Support for

Nominated Individuals

Regulated providers have a nominated individual (sometimes called a responsible individual) that represents them with CQC. This could be the same person as the registered manager or a different person.

It’s important that the nominated individual has the right values, skills, and knowledge to do their role.

We can provide support to understand this role and mentor you through the interview process. Following this, we can offer you support as and when you need it to further your development and liaise with you regarding any work that we carry out on your behalf such as audits and mock inspections.

Many of our clients have benefited from working with us on the practical approaches to workforce planning where we use a ‘analyse – plan – do – review’ method.

It may be helpful to look at resources that are relevant to nominated individuals at Skills for Care website: www.skillsforcare.org.uk/ nominatedindividuals

woman receiving cqc nominated individual support from CQC Consultancy Services
CQC Consultancy Services for Managers

Support for

Supporting Managers

High-quality care and support require high-quality leadership and management, and CQC expects that all regulated services demonstrate that they are well-led by a registered manager.

It is important that your service has confident and capable managers who ensure that it meets the required standards, that they set the right culture and approach and should lead by example.

We can help CQC-regulated, adult social care services to:

  • Develop managers, through qualifications or leadership programmes, and apply for funding
  • All registered managers need to hold or be working towards Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management – Adults. We can register you for this award and support you through it
  • Access tools and resources to help managers deliver a well-led service and lead high performing teams, again funding can be applied for
  • We have extensive experience in identifying and developing talent, including developing new managers and deputies. Providing training on interview, induction, supervision, and appraisal skills etc


This process can carry on in the form of support and mentoring following successful registration as we have found that many clients enjoy the reassurance of a continued presence that helps and supports.


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